Complete Benefit Alliance

Enrollment Methods

“Benefit” is our middle name for a reason…we benefit you by simplifying the process, offering multiple enrollment methods for your employees. Our licensed, benefit navigators consistently provide a personalized enrollment experience. Select one or a combination of methods: on-site (ie. face-to-face), our state-of-the-art Call Center or online through the Internet or Intranet portals.


Our salaried benefit counselors come to your office and meet one-on-one with your employees. These face-to-face meetings help employees to fully understand the available benefits and their importance to them and their families.

By Phone

Whether your employees reside on-site, are remote-based or travel consistently, our state-of-the-art Call Center provides a solid solution  with the personalized service expected from CBA. We understand that each employee has unique needs. Therefore, our experienced benefit counselors and support navigators are just a phone call away.


Some employers and employees prefer to handle their enrollment online. That’s not a problem. Our easy-to-use online interface lets employees enroll at their convenience, from any computer via the Internet or your company intranet. Our benefit navigators are still available to assist employees.

Benefits Administration

CBA’s premier Benefit Administration System provides clients a complete solution to simplify benefits enrollment and administration. Our system’s advanced technology streamlines the complexity of a benefit enrollment while providing meaningful interactions with each individual served.

Furthermore, we have a proven history and ability to seamlessly work with a client’s pre-existing Benefit Administration System (over 25 platforms). As a result, an employer’s current technology is bolstered by receiving tutorials on how better to access and navigate their own software.

While we clearly understand that benefits are a very important part of your business, they are not your primary business focus. This is why our designated account management team works seamlessly with your HR department to administer your benefits – freeing up time for your HR personnel to focus on other priorities. At the end of the day, this process achieves our main goal of making the entire process easier and more cost-effective for you and your employees


You will have a Case Manager to walk you through every step of the process and answer any questions you and your team may have along the way. They will also communicate to you important timelines, marketing literature delivery schedules, and personally train our benefits counselors about your benefits package and specific requirements.


Nothing can drive up the costs like providing benefits for ineligible dependents. During enrollment, our counselors verify the dependent data and remove and ineligible dependents from your company plan, resulting in significant savings in the plan year.


A CBA Data Analyst will be in continuous contact with you and your vendors during the entire enrollment process to ensure data is completed accurately and on time. All data will only be transmitted through a HIPAA-compliant secure mail protocol.

Benefit Administration System
  • Premier, comprehensive solution that streamlines benefits enrollment and administration.
  • Advanced technology provides security, accessibility, data management and reporting.
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliant
  • Proven history and ability to seamlessly work with a client’s pre-existing Benefit Administration System. CBA has worked with over 25 platforms, reinvigorating an employer’s current technology, providing tutorials on how better to access and navigate their own software.

Our job doesn’t end after enrollment. As your partner, we’re here to help continuously manage your benefits needs. We provide your HR team with online access for additions, terminations and changes. We offer reports on your employee base and their benefit elections, and we also provide any required additional services, including post-enrollment summary materials.

Customized Solutions

Our in-house marketing team is dedicated to giving personal attention to each of our clients and tailor the look and feel of benefits communications to your employees’ specific needs. We provide brochures, mailers, posters, benefit statements, and other materials that encourage employees to inform themselves about their benefit options. This allows your employees to see exactly what benefits are available to them with clear content that is easy to follow and easy to understand.

Let us develop a package that speaks to your employees and grabs their attention. We’ll use your logo and images to create a customized piece with your unique specifications. You’ll look professional and save time, while offering complete benefit opportunities to the people that matter most to your company.

Our employees stated that this process is in itself a benefit, to be able to meet one-on-one with a CBA professional.


Director of HR
Empire Southwest