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The Benefits of Cafeteria Plans

One of the most underrated and underused employee benefits available for small businesses today is outlined in section 125 of the U.S. tax code. A section 125 or “cafeteria” plan allows employees to withhold a portion of their pre-tax salary to cover certain medical or child-care expenses. Read more ›

Is Life Insurance a Good Investment?

Is purchasing a life insurance policy a good idea for you? The short answer is it depends on your situation. Let’s begin by understanding what life insurance is. Read more ›

Health Savings vs. Flexible Spending Accounts

As we age, medical costs often rise and as healthcare improves and preventative care becomes more common place, healthcare expenses, even for the healthiest of people, can be high. Because of this, the federal government has set up accounts that come with handsome tax advantages. Read more ›

To Bundle or Not to Bundle: That is the Voluntary Benefits Question

We have all become accustomed to bundling in our everyday lives. It’s usually presented as a cost-savings vehicle but even jaded consumers have come to suspect there is more to a bundled service offer than just altruism. Read more ›

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Complete Benefit Alliance and BenXpress Announce Alliance to Provide Clients with Best-in-Class Experience

Complete Benefit Alliance (CBA), a national provider of employee benefits communications and enrollment solutions, and BenXpress, a benefits enrollment and administration solution, have formed a partnership that provides an integrated approach to benefits administration and enrollment. Download Press Release ›

Complete Benefit Alliance Video Launch

Complete Benefit Alliance (CBA), a national provider and industry leader of employee benefits communications and enrollment solutions, launches a creative and engaging video to the public. Download Press Release ›

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